Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing websites to comply with search engine standards (SEO)

Would you like to compete with your website to appear on the first pages of search results?
Does your website suffer from a lack of traffic?

If the following should be done:

Create external links for your website (back links)
External links to your website are among the most important things your website should get. It enhances your website’s position on search engines and other sites.

SEO Pages and Articles (All Languages)
Create each page or article on the website: title + description + keywords

SEO Photos
Create each image: title + description + keywords
Reduce the size of all images of the website through modern programs and maintain the quality of the image at the same time.
In order to minimize the time of loading the site.

Create keywords from real searches.
We archive the website in the Google search engine.
The website can be tested after work has been completed by seo analysis sites

System to add languages ​​to websites
Starting from AED 500 (any number of languages)
Do you need to add languages ​​to your website.
If you live in a country where different nationalities, or if your website is a global website, you need everyone to understand the contents of your website.
We install the system of adding languages ​​in one day for small and medium websites. Do you need to translate your website into Arabic or English?

Website content creation
Do you need to create content for your website that includes keywords that match the activity of your website. (From AED 250 per language)

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