Gift Items Dubai

An article of merchandise or product that is carefully selected in terms of its: type, shape and color.

Preferably, such article should be suitable to serve the purpose of an advertising gift, for example, picking a sailing ship model for a new year’s gift is far from reasonable, typically new year’s gifts items consist of pens, dairies, calendars …etc., while the model sailboat is ideal as shield gift presented at the closing of a festivity, celebration or an honoring ceremony.

Yet, the more the shape is simple, ordinary and unsophisticated; and the more the item presents a flat surface convenient for printing the more it becomes ideal as an advertising gift.

Further, the smaller the size of the item relatively the more practical it is for ease of handling, shipping and presenting. Moreover, being of an adequate size, the item would not occupy a large space while being used or printed on.

Additionally, a gift item is best if it is in white or a bright color, which make it easy to print on, and ensure that the printed content comes out clear and visible.