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♦ One Page Website:
Domain Name + unlimited email hosting + home page design + for one year: AED 160

WordPress Sites:
Arabization of WordPress sites: AED 100, Website transfer: AED 100
Create social networking sites and link them to the website: AED 100
Web Hosting: AED 300 for one year with technical support (regular sites)
Anti-spam and spam solutions: AED 100
Add an online payment gateway: AED 200

Domain Name:
Domain name registration, Domain transfer, DNS conversion

Web Hosting:
Server booking, server setup and hosting, domain hosting and web hosting, web site transfer from one host to another

Processing of products, Creating of product descriptions, Administration of stors

Content management, management of social networking pages, management of websites, management of Stores, creation and management of Google advertising accounts

Web Content Creation: Starting from AED 250
Translate content, edit content, check content, create profile companies

Processing and editing images, providing high resolution images, minimizing image files

Seo services (optimization of websites to comply with search engine standards):
SEO + Google archiving, creating Back links: Starting from AED 2000
Improve the ranking of websites, add keywords to websites
Create for each page or article on the website: title + description + keywords
SEO Images: Create for each image: Title + Description + Keywords
We reduce size of all website images through new programs and maintain the quality of the image at the same time to reduce the time of loading the pages of the website.

Design and programming of computer programs:
Starting from AED 3000

Designing and programming mobile phone applications:
Starting from AED 5,000

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