WhatsApp Promo

A program that facilitates communication with target groups

Send WhatsApp and SMS bulk messages from one place or panel.

Communicate with clients, members, tenants, and staff

The program sends bulk messages via WhatsApp (advertising campaigns), any number of messages can be sent, text, pictures, video, audio messages can be sent, the same features of the WhatsApp program, the sending is done from the computer (WhatsApp Web), integrated with the program platform to send SMS messages.

Easy to use, it does not require any knowledge or training of a special kind, it contains a filter for numbers that do not have WhatsApp or are incorrect and puts them in a separate list, and it has the advantage of sorting and deleting duplicate numbers before sending.

Filter lists of numbers according to nationality, location, gender, age and category can be provided upon request.

Technical support for the program for one year from the date of purchasing the program, special tools or features for the program can be requested (by agreement).