Learn about web design

Web Design is an incredibly fun skill to learn—combining the latest toys of technology with the creativity of design! On top of that, learning web design is unique in that we can learn directly from current professionals who publish their techniques for all to read on their own Web-logs!

The idea of the Web started with Tim Berners-Lee during 1989, while he was working at CERN. His vision was to create a global level hypertext based project, and his implementation with a browser was with World WideWeb in 1991. During the early days only text based pages could be used on single lined web browsers.There was no integration of multimedia elements like images, sound and others.However the arrival of the Mosaic web browser allowed integration of multimedia elements. In October, 1994, W3C was founded to develop standards for the Web, which process still continues. In 1999 and on, many browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome, and Netscape have been released into the market, and new browsers are still coming.

You’ll find below a growing number of topics that we think provide a good foundation for any web designer. We’re also working on the requirements for formal qualifications, so you can start collecting evidence of your skills towards a formal qualification in your country. Of course, if you have anything to add or improve then please join us and contribute!

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